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My story used to look like... 

  • Fear of Judgment and Fear of Failure

  • Stuck in Limiting Beliefs about Myself & God

  • Stuck in Unhealthy Relationships with Others


Now it looks like...

  • Strong Godfidence and Fear of the Lord

  • Knowing my Worth/Value in God

  • Living out Healthy Relationships with Others

After going through my own struggles and transformation, obtaining a Bachelors in Psychology, becoming a certified Life Coach, and obtaining my Masters in Leadership - I now help ladies transform their relationship with God, themselves, and others!

Areas of Focus

Relationship with God


Relationship with Yourself


Relationship with Others

  • Develop Closeness with God

  • Heal Their Self Image and Self Talk

  • Forgive Others to Mend Relationships

  • Have Overflowing Inner Joy and Godfidence

  • Establish Daily Spiritual Practices that Yield Fruit

I best serve those who want to...

Coaching vs. Counseling

The focus of a counseling session tends to be "What happened and how did I get here?" Past to present-oriented. Coaching sessions ask the question "Where am I now and how do I get to where I want to be?" Present to future-oriented. Similar to counseling, coaching is a therapeutic relationship. Different from counseling, a coach will be more active in helping you identify and overcome current mental barriers standing between your goals.

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Amanda L, Maryland

Faith Ann asks purposeful questions and digs deeper to find the source of my emotions and thoughts, not letting surface answers slide. I now know how to handle anxious thoughts. She is empathetic, trust worthy, and makes me feel comfortable to open up. She is not judge mental and genuinely cares about me as an individual. Lastly, and most importantly, she loves the Lord so I know she is going to lead me to Jesus and His plan.


Kaylin L, South Carolina

I got so much out of working with Faith Ann. She was very encouraging and helped me discover the woman I was created to be! I discovered a lot about my relationships as we worked together. She showed me how to build Godfience, which I am utilizing in my day to day. I would highly recommend others to work with her because she challenges you to deepen your relationship with yourself.


Doly A, Texas

I have been working with Faith Ann for 6 months and I am walking in my true identity now. Building my trust in the Lord instead of myself has been transformational. We have identified my values and I now know  how to incorporate those into my daily life. She helped me see the importance of using my gifts to serve others and how to develop self-compassion and self-kindness.


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